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The frogs

The little frogs

The big frogs


Children aged 5 to 12 (13x21)

Christmas time tales (12x16)

Hardcover illustrated books for children aged 3 to 6 (23x28)


Bestial machinery
Caterina the goat
The Cici Family
Ciro and the clouds
Hairy house
Who set the library on fire?
Frog nursery rhymes. Frogs stories
Giac’s journeys
Giovannino Tread-on-poo
Just for fun
Little mad tales
Maso Ciucciamaso (new)

Mastino and Biancaluna (new)
Pelucco's story
The mistery of the missing smile
The overbearing television
Seizing the opportunity
The story of the fish-accountant
Strange words tales
Tales that are good to eat
Tommaso has gone away

Ahmed and other tales
The cake
The child’s colour
Christmas time  at Capiello's
The devil in the Christmas crib
Gibo’s dream
How Caterina saved Santa Claus
Ossoduro. Mission: Christmas Time
Peppino’s Journey
The return of Santa Claus
Santa Claus and False Santas
Tales of the Magi
Tobia and Giuseppe
A toy for Christmas time
The witch at Christmas Time
The wizard of Christmas time


Alì Babà and forty thieves
It's Christmas Time, Bimbambel!
Little hedgehog
Pulcinella's Tarantella
A spiteful leg
What’s the weather like?



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