Anna Vivarelli
Little mad tales
llustrations by Cecco Mariniello
32 pages (four colours), 8 euros,
Isbn 978-88-8212-293-5

How do you know that fairies are always happy? Or that windows donít have feelings? In Anna Vivarelliís Little mad tales this happens, and thatís not all! Spiteful shrimps that enjoy teasing the other sea fishes, a lazybones inventor who becomes mayor, a mosquito looking for a very personal tale, and a witch who is stubborn as a mule... The style is effective and simple, suitable even for little readers. Book for children aged 6 and over.


Anna Vivarelli was born in Turin and obtained a degree in Philosophy. She is a playwright and a fiction writer for Piemme, Feltrinelli and Einaudi Ragazzi. Together with Guido Quarzo she wrote Tales that are good to eat (Interlinea).


Cecco Mariniello was born in Siena in 1950 and is one of the most famous illustrators in Italy (among others he has illustrated many books by Roberto Piumini). He has been awarded the Andersen prize and published with Piemme (Jacopo and the abominable wild beast), Fatatrac, Giunti and others. For Interlinea he wrote How Caterina saved Santa Claus, which was awarded the Christmas Tale prize in 2001, and illustrated Peppinoís journey and Ciro and the clouds by Roberto Piumini, and Who set the library on fire? by Anna Lavatelli.

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