With a rich array of colour photographs from the Alinari Archives, Interlinea proposes a prestigious editorial initiative dedicated to the subject of Tuscany in the most meaningful writings by Mario Luzi, one of the most important figures of Italian and European twentieth century culture. This project would also pay tribute to this great poet on his ninetieth birthday, which he will celebrate this upcoming 2004. This volume’s features would make it a project remembered for years to come and includes a version, produced in cooperation with the Mediateca Regionale Toscana, with a CD incorporated to hold films, interviews, archive documents and recited texts that would leave an indelible mark on this region, the Tuscan region, rich with history, art, memories and life.

SUBJECTS: the volume is a homage of the highest value to “this earth / this Tuscan earth bare and terse / where the thoughts of those who remain / or those raised by her who have gone away/ run free”, as a verse of the poet goes.  The work would shed antique and new light on various corners of the Tuscan territory through writings and photographic images from Florence to Volterra, Siena to Arezzo, San Gimignano to Pienza, Maremma to Monte Amiata and then the sea: a mark that will remain in Tuscan history and culture.

Toscana Mater di Mario Luzi

EDITORS: Carlo Fini, Luigi Oliveto e Stefano Verdino
PHOTOGRAPHS: prestigious photographs by Alinari Archives, Florence.

PUBLISHING SPECIFICATIONS: large-format volume (22 x 31 cm) with approx. 200 pages. The photographs are printed using a four-colour process on top-quality glossy paper, while the texts are printed on special watermarked ivory paper. The hardback binding has a canvas cover and gold lettering; this is covered by a plastic-coated jacket with colour photographs.

AVAILABLE: from November 2004.


RESERVATIONS: discounts are available for reservations of large numbers of copies, which may also be customised (subject to prior arrangement).   





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