Anna Lavatelli, Lele Luzzati
Frog nursery rhymes.
Frogs stories
32 pages (four colours), 8 euros, Isbn 978-88-8212-296-6

The protagonists of this book are 26 funny frogs, who get up all kinds of mischief. The idea comes from the names of 26 Italian towns and villages which, in alphabetical order, are the starting point for short and cheerful nursery rhymes in which our frogs find themselves in amusing and paradoxical situations. The beautiful illustrations by Lele Luzzati, an international master in the art of illustration, represent a real series of variations on the theme of frogs.
Book for children aged 6-8 and over.



Lele Luzzati was born in Genoa and is well known all over the world for his graphic works, his paintings and his countless illustrations of books for children and adults. For Interlinea he published Aĺ Babà and the forthy thieves
Anna Lavatelli was born in Novara in 1953. She obtained a degree in Philosophy and is now a teacher. She started to write children’s books in 1986, always with great success (for Piemme: Paola is not mad; for Interlinea: The mystery of the missing smile, Who set the library on fire?, Tales of the Magi. She has been awarded many prizes, among which the Lazzarillo prize and the Andersen-Baia delle favole prize.

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