Anna Lavatelli
Tales of the Magi

illustrations by Antonio Ferrara
32 pages, 5 euros, Isbn 88-8212-289-1

The Magi bring the Child in Bethlehem something more precious than gold, incense and myrrh: did you ever hear about the tree which was embraced by a star, about the old woman with a magic broom or about the challenge between the racing comets? A funny tale for children aged 7-8 and over.


Anna Lavatelli was born in Novara in 1953. She obtained a degree in Philosophy and is now a teacher. She started to write children’s books in 1986, always with great success (for Piemme: Paola is not mad; for Interlinea: The mystery of the missing smile, Who set the library on fire?, Tales of the Magi, Frog nursery-rhymes. Frog tales with Emanuele Luzzati and Who set the library on fire?). She has been awarded many prizes, among which the Lazzarillo prize and the Andersen-Baia delle favole prize.

Antonio Ferrara was born in Portici (Naples) in 1957 and obtained a diploma at the Istituto d’Arte Salazar in Naples. His works have been chosen more than once for the illustrators exhibition at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna. He has exhibited all over Italy and has held a personal exhibition dedicated to Pinocchio. For Interlinea he has illustrated, among others, Andersen and Piumini.
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