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The devil in the Christmas crib

The devil in the Christmas crib
titolo The devil in the Christmas crib
Collana Le rane piccole, 12
marchio Interlinea
Editore Interlinea
libro Libro
Pagine 32
Pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9788882123819_eng
Focus is a very special little devil: instead of fooling around children, he prefers dreaming and suggesting sweet thoughts to sleeping boys and girls. So his mother throws him away from the hell and Focus finds himself in the middle of a Christmas crib. In the meantime, a spiteful little angel... Book for children aged 7 and over.

Biografia dell'autore


Gina Labriola was born in Italy but lived many years in Iran and in Spain. Now she lives and works in France.


Valentina Magnaschi is one of the most promising young Italian illustrators and authors. She was born in Piacenza in 1978; she has studied in Piacenza and in Milan and obtained a diploma at the Istituto Europeo di Design. For Interlinea she wrote Giovannino tread-on-poo and illustrated Strange words tales by Marcello Argilli.

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