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Bestial machinery

Bestial machinery
titolo Bestial machinery
Collana Le rane, 11
marchio Le rane
Editore Interlinea
libro Libro
Pagine 48
Pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9788882123871_eng
«Here is the list of rare beasts / of mechanical souls of animal machines / of cries sounds gestures and movements / of legs gears skin wheels teeth». In this strange zoo you can find the “drillrat” and the “turboworm”, the “tortoiselectric” and the “saurianfridge”. So «please, take a seat, come and see / the caravan is coming don’t keep us waiting».

Biografia dell'autore


Guido Quarzo is one of the most important children’s writers; he was awarded the Andersen-Baia delle Fevole Prize and the Battello a Vapore Prize. He is very well known even abroad. For Interlinea, together with Anna Vivarelli, he wrote Tales that are good to eat.


Federico Maggioni has published for many important publishing houses and has been awarded many international prizes.

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