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How Caterina saved Santa Claus

How Caterina saved Santa Claus
titolo How Caterina saved Santa Claus
Collana Le rane piccole, 7
marchio Interlinea
Editore Interlinea
libro Libro
Pagine 32
Pubblicazione 2006
ISBN 9788882125912_eng
Caterina is a very special girl: she was able to cook even before she learned her own name. When she discovers that Santa Claus is in peril of his life because a bad witch starves him to death, Caterina solves the case by means of a magical recipe book. Book for children aged 9 and over

Biografia dell'autore


Cecco Mariniello was born in Siena in 1950 and is one of the most famous illustrators in Italy (among others he has illustrated many books by Roberto Piumini). He has been awarded the Andersen prize and published with Piemme (Jacopo and the abominable wild beast), Fatatrac, Giunti and others. For Interlinea he illustrated Peppino’s journey and Ciro and the clouds by Roberto Piumini, Little mad tales by Anna Vivarelli and Who set the librery on fire? by Anna Lavatelli.

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