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titolo Bimbambel
sottotitolo Goodnight tales
Collana Le rane grandi, 3
marchio Le rane
Editore Interlinea
libro Libro
Pagine 36
Pubblicazione 2017
ISBN 9788866990628_eng
«And then, dad?». The baby, before going to sleep, wants his dad to tell him his fantastic stories. And dad doesn’t stand on ceremony. Here you have him seizing lightnings, or arbitrating a match between walruses and codfishes or even cooking a gigantic cake on the edge of a volcano. Powerful imagination and exciting illustration in a book full of colours and amusement.

Biografia dell'autore


Anna Lavatelli is one of the best Italian children writers. She started to write children’s books in 1986, always with great success (for Piemme: Paola is not mad; for Interlinea: It’s Christmas Time, Bimbambel, The mystery of the missing smile, Who set the library on fire?, Maso Ciucciamaso, Tales of the Magi and Frog nursery-rhymes. Frog tales with Emanuele Luzzati). She has been awarded many prizes, among which the Lazzarillo prize and the Andersen-Baia delle favole prize. Thanks to Bimbambel, in 2005 she was awarded the Andersen prize as the best Italian author.


Giulia Orecchia is one of the most established illustrators in Italy and has been awarded many prizes.For Interlinea published Santa Claus and False Santas.

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