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Alì Babà and forty thieves

Alì Babà and forty thieves
Titolo Alì Babà and forty thieves
Collana Le rane grandi, 1
Marchio Le rane
Editore Interlinea
libro Libro
Pagine 40
Pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9788866990604_eng

Informazioni importanti

Recommended age: from 4 years and up.
This is the most famous rhymed tale by Lele Luzzati, very well known all over the world as one of the best artists, illustrators, stage designers and authors. From Alì Babà and forty thieves was drawn even a beautiful cartoon. In this book you can admire his woderful colours, his odd details and his clever irony, together with a main character who, thanks to his child’s innocence, works out brilliantly a fantastic adventure. «Who knows, who doesn’t / this is the story of Alì Babà / who, to spend his time cheerfully, / did a bit of everything just to do nothing».

Biografia dell'autore

The Author
Lele Luzzati (Genoa, 1921-2007) was an Italian painter, production designer, illustrator, film director and animator. He was nominated for Academy Awards for two of his short films, La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) (1965) and Pulcinella (1973). He was born in Genoa and turned to drawing in 1938 when, as a Jew, his academic studies were interrupted by the  introduction of the Fascist racial laws. He moved in Switzerland with his family and studied in Lausanne, where he obtained his degree at the local École des Beaux-Arts. He designed his first production of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba in 1944, a collaboration with his friends Alessandro Fersen, Aldo Trionfo and Guido Lopez. He returned in Italy after the war. His first work as an animator was the short film I paladini di Francia, together with Giulio Gianini, in 1960, which signs the beginning of a collaboration that lasts until 2007. He provided designs for the London Festival Ballet, the Chicago Opera House, the Vienna Staatsoper and the Glyndebourne Festival, including several Mozart productions and Verdi’s Macbeth produced by Michael Hadjimischev in 1972.


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