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Mastino and Biancaluna

Mastino and Biancaluna
titolo Mastino and Biancaluna
autori ,
Collana Le rane, 23
marchio Le rane
Editore Interlinea
libro Libro
Pagine 96
Pubblicazione 2008
ISBN 9788882126414_eng

A fantastic adventure which catches the reader’s attention form the very beginning: a tale about fear and knights. The terrible knight Mastino di Pietralarga runs madly on his horse through vegetable gardens, vines, rivers and paths. Where is he going to? He’s looking for his own fear, as he promised to Biancaluna, the lady he fell in love with. The point is that Mastino is afraid of nothing, or at least he seems to be, until, after having faced hermits who lost their memory and flying friars, Turks and pigs, bogey men and saints, he comes to the Bellovento’s convent…


Biografia degli autori


Guido Quarzo is one of the most famous Italian children writers. He won the Andresen-Baia delle favole prize (the most important Italian prize for children literature) and the Battello a Vapore-Città di Verbania prize. For Interlinea he wrote Tales that are good to eat with Anna Vivarelli and Bestial machinery.


After an experience as a designer in the textile industry, Nella Bosnia began illustrating children books for the most important publishing houses and she achieved a widespred success both from the critics and the public. For Interlinea she illustrated Gibo’s dream by Benito Mazzi.

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