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The child’s colour

The child’s colour
titolo The child’s colour
Collana Le rane piccole, 5
marchio Interlinea
Editore Interlinea
libro Libro
Pagine 32
Pubblicazione 2001
ISBN 9788882122911_eng

«Only by accident the real Jesus was born white... the colour of the skin doesn’t change the facts at all». Maria Adele Garavaglia deals with one of the most topical themes of our multiethnical society, racial intolerance, within a magical story, very simple and joyful. Book for children aged 9 and over.


Biografia dell'autore


Maria Adele Garavaglia is a teacher and a writer of books both for children and for adults. 


Antonio Ferrara was born in Portici (Naples) in 1957 and obtained a diploma at the Istituto d’Arte Salazar in Naples. His works have been chosen more than once for the illustrators exhibition at the Children’s Book Fair in Bologna. He has exhibited all over Italy and has held a personal exhibition dedicated to Pinocchio. For Interlinea he has illustrated, among others, Andersen and Piumini.

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